When you hear about cravings, it’s normally in relation to pregnant women. However, most people experience cravings at one time or another.

The trick is learning how to beat unhealthy cravings so you don’t add unneeded weight and bad eating habits to the mix. Read on for 9 ways to help you beat those cravings.

* The best way to avoid unhealthy cravings is to ensure you’re eating healthy foods throughout the day, beginning with breakfast. Be sure to eat some protein first thing in the morning along with some complex carbohydrates and fruit. Eating a good breakfast each day will help you remain full until lunch and help curb unhealthy cravings.

* Many unhealthy food cravings are caused because your blood sugar level changes throughout the day after eating a good breakfast. Have a piece of fruit or another healthy snack between breakfast and lunch if you feel yourself getting hungry. In fact, having access to smart snacks like fruit, low-fat or fat-free yogurt, nuts, vegetable sticks or whole wheat crackers will help you avoid the unhealthy choices.

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Guest post by:  Alexis Bonari 

Diet killers surround us. They come in the form of preprepared foods on our supermarket shelves and from our favorite restaurants. Choosing your food wisely can make or break your diet plans. Here are four of the worst offenders to guard against:

1. High fat extras.

It’s no secret that restaurants add high fat, high calorie ingredients to their food whenever they can. Adding fat is a cheap, easy way to make food taste better than it really is. High fat hamburger makes extra tasty hamburgers without any added seasoning. A salad loaded with cheese and cream based dressing is more cheaply prepared than a salad loaded with dried fruit, grilled shrimp, and quality balsamic vinaigrette.

Educate yourself about calorie counts in common foods. You’ll soon realize that many of your favorite foods can be modified to pack a lower calorie punch. A choice as simple as switching from a regular size cheeseburger to a small hamburger for lunch can reduce your daily intake by 300 calories.

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