Exercises for the stomach muscles are among the most popular type of exercise done among people wanting to build a better body. When anyone plans a workout program to build and strengthen muscles, abdominal workouts are always included in the routine.

Why is this? Why are more people concerned with their stomach muscles then any other part of their body?

1. Health reasons - It has been documented that people carrying around a lot of extra fat around their stomachs are at a greater risk of certain health conditions then people that may be carrying the weight in other areas of their body. This reason alone is enough to entice many people to exercise their stomach, and a major reason why doctors suggest doing exercises for the stomach.

2. The stomach is the core of the person's body, when the stomach is strong; it helps make the rest of the body look and feel stronger. Most people want to feel strong and be strong, whether it is so they can do their jobs, play with their children or just to feel better about themselves.

3. Back problems are a big problem with many people, this is another good reason to keep the stomach muscles strong by exercising them. When the stomach is strong, it helps to take away pressure from several muscles in a person's back.

4. The biggest reason are looks. People tend to think that a good looking stomach equals an overall good looking body. There are not too many people that find a bulging stomach attractive. When people look in the mirror, or someone passes by them that they want to impress, usually a natural reaction is to suck in their stomach.

5. Women that have just had a baby are usually extra concerned with their stomach muscles, and find themselves wanting to do exercises for the stomach as soon as they are able to. This is not only for appearance sake but also for health reasons since their stomach muscles really need to be strengthened after their bodies have been put through childbirth.

Health and looks are the primary reasons to do exercises to get a flat stomach, but people have many different reasons motivating them to actually do exercises for the stomach.

And no matter what the reason may be, as long as the person is motivated enough to continue their exercise program until they see results then the reason is a good one.

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