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If you have a physically demanding job, chances are your not overweight, and if you are, it's not due to lack of fat burning exercise. Thing is, especially these days, many people have kids, work at home or an office and just can't find the time for a conventional exercise program. People tend to be lean for the most part, if they are working on a construction crew or any job where you need to exert yourself. And with all this fat burning activity going on at these types of jobs, a good healthy lunch can easily be burned off. If you don't have a good metabolism, eating more often with small portions is much better.

If you are one of those people that find it difficult to find the time to workout, there are ways to burn fat with daily physical activity routines. If you perform at least some of them daily, you will lose weight.

Doing something you get some joy or fun out of is the key to a successful exercise program. Not only can you lower your blood pressure and add years to your life, studies have shown that all you need is a half hour a day to benefit from some physical activity. Studies have shown that walking 30 min., 3 days a week, can not only lower your blood pressure , but also reduce waist and hip size. Studies were also conducted at the Mayo Clinic in 2005, by James Levine, M.D., and it was concluded that there are links between obesity and inactivity. Your NEAT (non-exercise activity termogenesis) is more powerful than customary exercise. 30 minutes a day of Fun physical activity is all you need to reap the benefits.

If you could add physical activity into your daily routine, you will burn calories instead of putting on more pounds by continuing the bad habit of sitting way to much. Add a new healthy dimension, and get active. The Mayo Clinics study also went on to conclude that lean people burn 350 more calories than the obese persons on any given day, since they on average, sit 150 minutes less per day. Time to get up and get active.

By all means begin to make these activity routines a part of your everyday life from now on. These, combined with a healthy diet will get you on the road to looking,feeling, and being healthy. Dr. Levine also went on to say the NEAT doesn't reflect a lack of motivation, but rather a brain chemical difference.

Make sure you warm up and do some stretching before you begin your fat burning activity routines, so you don,t pull any muscles or tissue. Be sure to slowly stretch the stiff muscles and hold on your last rep for at least 10 seconds.

Physical Activity routines:

* The simple natural act of walking has been proven to have enormous benefits, not only to ward off health issues, but helps burn fat to control weight.

* Instead of sitting down and talking on the phone, walk around the house while you talk, or simply pace back and forth.

* Try dancing to some of your favorite music while you do the dreadful house cleaning. Make it fat burning fun instead of a something you dread.

* Professional atheletes, still to this day do jumping Jacks before practice or a game. Their warmup can be one of your fat burning routines. Do as many as you can throughout the day and you will burn loads of fat.

* 30 years ago obesity wasn't a problem for most kids but with the fast food, TV, video games, and the internet, children are at a greater risk for obesity than ever before. If you have kids, get more involved together in some physical fun.

* If your fortunate enough to have a lawn service, you might consider doing it yourself. Gardening and lawn work burn more calories than walking

* If you have a dog, make it a habit to take it out for longer walks and be sure to run with Rover more often.

The more of the tips you apply to your daily lifestyle, the more pounds your going to shed. Try and fit as many of them as you can into your day. You could burn over 500 calories with an hour of these routines

Combining a good diet plan with your activity routines will give you an excellent chance at achiving your desired weight and health. If your not on a diet plan that's working, there are plenty online created by nutritionist with proven results.

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4 (5 oz.) chicken breasts, boneless and skinless
1 Tablespoon lemon juice
1/3 cup lite apricot preserves
Dash ground allspice


Pat chicken dry and place on broiler rack. Broil for about 6 minutes. Brush first side with lemon juice, turn chicken over and brush with remaining juice.

Broil second side 6-9 minutes or until no longer pink.

Heat apricot preserves and allspice in a small saucepan. Spoon over chicken breasts and serve. Wonderful served with brown rice.

Serves 4 (Low salt, low calorie, low fat, low cholesterol)

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What is the main responsibility of core muscles? To provide enough power to the body in order to enable it to cope up with the dynamic challenges of every physical activity that a person encounters.

Many health and fitness experts have realized that it is important to strengthen the core muscles along with the other muscles in the body. By conducting a series of experiments and research, they have found that having a stronger core can lessen a lot of health problems concerning posture.

A well-conditioned core muscle can project good posture and it can also improve the endurance of the back throughout the day. Why? Because muscles that are included in the group of core muscles are actually the ones that initiate the proper stabilization of the whole upper and lower torso.

So, for those who wish to know and understand why it is important to strengthen the core muscles, here is a list of some of the benefits that you can use as references:

1. To improve posture and prevent low back pain of the muscular origin.

This means that as you incorporate stretching exercises in your routine, taking a particular focus on the muscles of the upper and front part of the trunk, including the abdominal and trunk muscles, the activity has the tendency to strengthen the muscles of the back that extend to the spine.

2. Helps tone the muscles, thereby, avoiding further back injury

Exercising your core muscles will strengthen and tones your lower back muscles and buttocks while stretching the hip flexors and the muscles on the front of the thighs. Achieving this state will deter you from any serious lower back injury.

3. Improves physical performance

Exercising the core muscles with slow, static stretching is just as effective in relieving stiffness and enhances flexibility. Once the flexibility of a person has improved, it follows that he will be able to perform his physical activities at a better state.

4. They do not cause sore aching muscles

Static stretching for core muscles is best for the muscles and connective tissues. And because it employs slow stretches only, it will not cause any soreness, as do the quick, bouncing exercises that rely on jerky muscle contraction.

5. Lengthen muscles and avoid unbalanced footing as you age

Core muscle exercises lengthen the muscles that have contracted as a result of pain. It also prevents pain from vigorous exercise if they are included at the end of each workout.

Health and fitness experts highly recommend starting core work out immediately and repeating the routine at least 2 times a week. The process can be done after the workout or even during the activity, for about 10 to 20 minutes only.

Try the stomach exercises listed below to work out the core to build strong muscles throughout the abdomen.

Tone Your Torso
Butt Burner
Crunchless Crunch
Scissor Kicks

(The instructions for these exercises can be found here)

If you are looking to build strength in your midsection, look for any exercise that works your core, especially the transverse abdominal muscles.

Indeed, core muscles are absolutely important in determining the good posture of the body. Strengthening them can also help eliminate those nuisances of back pains.

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1 tablespoon of raisins
1 tablespoon rum
4 slices Oatbran and Honey bread
2 tablespoons hazelnut spread
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 cup
caster sugar
1 cup low-fat milk
1 tablespoon
custard powder


Spread the hazelnut spread thickly over 2 slices of the bread. Scatter with raisins. Make sandwiches by adding the remaining bread. Cut each sandwich into quarters and stand upright in 9x9 inch square casserole dish. Whisk eggs with cinnamon, sugar, and milk. Pour the mixture over bread trying to distribute evenly. Let stand so bread absorbs the mixture.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Place the casserole dish into a larger casserole or baking pan. Add hot water into the larger baking pan until about half way up the sides of casserole. This helps to prevent burning of the edges similar to how a double boiler works for melting chocolate.

Bake at 400 degrees F for 40 minutes until custard is set.

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By Holly Rigsby, CPT

"I'll Begin When...."

Sound familiar? Waiting for the right time to begin your fat loss program?

I'm wondering something....

What is the magic in waiting?

What do you expect will suddenly be different one week, two weeks, a month from now?

As Busy Moms - there will always be too much to do. And guess what....there is no “perfect time” - except the time that you can take RIGHT NOW - to make a firm decision to begin something that is Overflowing with benefits into your life and the lives of your family.

If I told you that you could...

~ Have more energy
~ Eliminate cravings
~ Dramatically reduce stress
~ Drop a Jean Size
~ Feel good about yourself again

Would you smile, look me in the eye and say...."No thanks, not right now, the time just isn't right" Huh...?

If not now -to Look and Feel great.... then when? And when that time arrives....what is to prevent you from making the exact same statement? Then you look up to find another year has passed!

So what are you hoping to accomplish by putting off what you deserve to have right now?

It is quite unfortunate that during the holiday season, on the cusp of the New Year where "resolutioners" come out of their sedentary lifestyles for a brief moment as they promise..."This time I will lose weight" - only to find themselves defeated yet again as they quickly revert back to old habits.

It's pretty obvious that this approach just does not work. Taking the easy route, the route that allows us to stay with unsupportive, familiar habits is giving us nothing in return - in fact it is draining and taking away your 3 sources power ... your valuable time, money and energy.

Super Busy Mom, Sarah Z. came to an amazing realization...

"One of the things that has been holding me back was needing to feel like everything was 'in place' (more or less) before I took the time to exercise.

I felt like I had to 'have time' to exercise.

Nope, I've got to make time, I know...but now I know what that really means.

It means making time to do it REGARDLESS OF THE CHAOS around me. I am now starting to visualize a messy house (not too hard :) a stack of piles waiting for me -- and me exercising anyway -- and then tacking all that stuff AFTER I've exercised."

This is a brilliant realization and one you need to take to heart, moms.

"Your actions express your priorities"

What statement are you making about what matters most to you if you put it on the back burner?

Moms - It's Time! Time to make your health and fitness, your ability to reclaim your pre-baby body, your ability to look in the mirror and feel good about what you see a Priority starting today. Fit Yummy Mummy is your solution to putting your priorities into action.

Holly Rigsby, CPT, MAT America’s #1 Fat Loss Expert for Busy Moms and the author of Holly has worked with over 300 Mom's to help them lose the stubborn baby fat, get their pre-baby body back and reclaim their yummy-ness.
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Need to lose some extra pounds? I have the answer. You don’t need to buy fancy equipment. The equipment you already have around your home will do just fine.

Everyday chores burn plenty of calories. Moms, the things you do each day—washing clothes, dishes, mopping, and vacuuming (to name a few) provide resistance training and cardiovascular benefits. Performed in moderation, these activities add up to a ton of exercise opportunity.

How about mopping and sweeping the floor? Sweeping works the oblique abdominal muscles and the hips. Sweep the floor the first time using either the left or the right side of your body. As you sweep, keep your hips stationery and move from the waist. Sweep the floor a second time using the opposite side of your body. I bet you didn’t think you could sweep your way to a slimmer waistline.

Vacuuming works the upper body and the legs. Increase the length of your stride as you sachet across the floor. Bend at the knees to pick up objects on the floor. Actively vacuuming for fifteen minutes can burn forty or more calories.

Washing windows and tubs provides a power-packed workout. The circular motions work the chest area, shoulders, and the triceps. To keep from getting fatigued, use the circuit training method of cleaning. Wash the surfaces of the bathroom and then clean all the windows in a room. Clean the next bathroom and then clean another room of windows.

If you need to mow the lawn, think of it as an exercise activity and make it fun. To work the lower body, take longer strides when pushing the lawn mower. Pushing the lawn mower works the chest and triceps muscles.

Mowing a lawn can burn several hundred calories per hour. If you have any hills in your yard, the extra exertion means more calories burned. After a few weekends of this, you’ll be ready to buy that little black dress you’ve been wanting.

Yard work in itself is a total body workout. You dig holes, pull up weeds, plant flowers, and spread mulch. Be sure to drink plenty of water and not to overexert yourself. An hour at a time is enough or that kneeling position could become permanent. Take a rest and re-hydrate before continuing.

When doing yard work and chores remember to protect your back. Lift objects from a squatting position. Instead of bending over to pull weeds, kneel on a soft pad. Use proper posture whenever possible to avoid injury.

Who knew housework could put curves in all the right places? Have fun with it. Turn on some tunes and boogie to the music as you clean the house.

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4 tuna steaks (3/4 to 1-inch thick, about 6 ounces each)
Zest and juice of one (1) lemon**
2 teaspoons dried thyme leaves
1/2 to 1 teaspoons coarsely ground black pepper
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 to 2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil
Extra-virgin olive oil

**1 1/2 teaspoons grated lime zest and 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice in place of the lemon.**


In a small bowl mix together lemon zest, thyme, pepper and salt to your liking. Lightly rub both sides of the tuna steaks with olive oil and rub the seasoning mix on the tuna steaks.

Heat a bit more oil in in skillet and then add tuna steaks. Cook each side of tuna steak for about 1 minute over medium heat.

Pour lemon juice over the steaks when ready to serve.

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PLUS...Are you already in good shape? Wondering what will happen when you "hit the wall?" Afraid you'll just get bored with the routines? No worries, because you also get the...

Bonus 12 Weeks of Advanced Workouts - These exercises will challenge you, even if you are already in good (or even great!) shape. You will avoid the possibility of ever hitting a plateau when you have access to a variety of challenging moves that will stimulate your metabolism to new heights.

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And it's all right here...Fit Yummy Mummy

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