Need to lose some extra pounds? I have the answer. You don’t need to buy fancy equipment. The equipment you already have around your home will do just fine.

Everyday chores burn plenty of calories. Moms, the things you do each day—washing clothes, dishes, mopping, and vacuuming (to name a few) provide resistance training and cardiovascular benefits. Performed in moderation, these activities add up to a ton of exercise opportunity.

How about mopping and sweeping the floor? Sweeping works the oblique abdominal muscles and the hips. Sweep the floor the first time using either the left or the right side of your body. As you sweep, keep your hips stationery and move from the waist. Sweep the floor a second time using the opposite side of your body. I bet you didn’t think you could sweep your way to a slimmer waistline.

Vacuuming works the upper body and the legs. Increase the length of your stride as you sachet across the floor. Bend at the knees to pick up objects on the floor. Actively vacuuming for fifteen minutes can burn forty or more calories.

Washing windows and tubs provides a power-packed workout. The circular motions work the chest area, shoulders, and the triceps. To keep from getting fatigued, use the circuit training method of cleaning. Wash the surfaces of the bathroom and then clean all the windows in a room. Clean the next bathroom and then clean another room of windows.

If you need to mow the lawn, think of it as an exercise activity and make it fun. To work the lower body, take longer strides when pushing the lawn mower. Pushing the lawn mower works the chest and triceps muscles.

Mowing a lawn can burn several hundred calories per hour. If you have any hills in your yard, the extra exertion means more calories burned. After a few weekends of this, you’ll be ready to buy that little black dress you’ve been wanting.

Yard work in itself is a total body workout. You dig holes, pull up weeds, plant flowers, and spread mulch. Be sure to drink plenty of water and not to overexert yourself. An hour at a time is enough or that kneeling position could become permanent. Take a rest and re-hydrate before continuing.

When doing yard work and chores remember to protect your back. Lift objects from a squatting position. Instead of bending over to pull weeds, kneel on a soft pad. Use proper posture whenever possible to avoid injury.

Who knew housework could put curves in all the right places? Have fun with it. Turn on some tunes and boogie to the music as you clean the house.

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