Getting Over Mommy Time Guilt

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 12/16/2007 09:49:00 PM

Busy moms often forget that they need special time, too. A busy, but well-meaning mom won’t make it very long if she doesn’t take care of herself. Changing your mindset can break the cycle of guilt that keeps moms from enjoying time away from their family.

The last item that moms squeeze into their busy schedule is time for herself, if there is any time at all. Guilt keeps moms from taking the time to take care of their bodies. They make dinner for the kids, but neglect to eat because they are too busy running around getting drinks, serving more food, or cleaning the kitchen. Sometimes, they may be too tired to even eat.

Busy moms will tell you that they don’t need time out, but their bodies say differently. So do their minds. Moms who neglect their health get sidelined by the smallest things. A cold could land mom in bed for a week. If that happened, she’d have to direct the household from under the covers. It can be a nightmare — trust me, I know.

The human body is a wonderful machine. It knows what it needs and when it needs it. When the body has had enough soccer games, missed meals, and science projects, it will let you know.

Don’t wait until then to start treating yourself right.

Think of it this way. A happy mom means that her family is happy. Moms are depended on for almost everything, so they need to be up to the task. The only way to do that is to
keep the body in tiptop shape.

Include time in your schedule for relaxing events that involve just you. Saturdays are a safe bet because dads are usually available to watch the kids. If dad is not available, hire a local babysitter that you trust.

Spend some time doing something that you always wished that you had time for. If you have the resources, enjoy the spa for a whole day. Get the full “princess” treatment. The relaxing massage and detoxifying salts and scrubs will leave you feeling like a new woman. If you are like me, if your hair looks good then you feel good. Spend a day at the salon getting your hair coiffed and your fingernails manicured.

Don’t feel like you are neglecting your children. Caring for yourself shows children that mom is not a workhorse, but a person who has needs just like everyone else. So, stash the complex and change the attitude. Get yearly checkups to manage your health and weekly, biweekly, or monthly time away in order to be a better mom.

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