By Kwame Ofori-Atta

If you are confused about stomach exercises or where to start with your stomach exercises, then you are need to read this articles. In this article we are going to look at 3 simple stomach exercises that anybody can do without the so called abs machines.

The first one that we will consider is called hip lift followed by butt burner and lastly body raised.

1. Hip Lift Exercise - With your hip lifted up, you first lay on your back and both arms on the sides of your body with palms facing the sky. You would then lift your legs to a 90 degrees angle with the knees in straight position. Contract your abs muscles and lift your hip off the ground. Hold for 2 seconds. Slowly lower your hips back to the floor.

2. Butt Burner Exercise - Start by lying on your back, using a towel or pillow to support your spine. Bend your knees with your feet flat on the floor and place your arms on your sides. Strengthen or squeeze your butt and lift just the pelvis off the floor to about 45 degrees angle. Hold for as long as can. Slowly lower your body back to the starting position. Repeat this for at least 3 sets.

3. Body Raised Exercise - Is viewed as one of the best stomach exercises that will give you a firm stomach. To begin with, lay flat on your stomach with your legs straight. Then lift your body using your arms. Simultaneously, keep your hands clasped together and your body straight in a push-up position. Maintain this position for at least 5 seconds.

I hope you can begin your quest for stronger and firmer abs with these 3 exercises. But remember exercises alone will not get you to your goals. You need get on the right diet for your body or at least reduce the portion you eat everyday. These exercises coupled with the proper diet and a strong determination, you can achieve your goals. Keep on keeping on and do not quit.

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