Want a way to get some exercise without feeling like exercising? Try bike riding. You can workout, talk, and take in the scenery all at the same time. What’s more, the kids can enjoy a ride, too.

Busy moms find it hard to find time to exercise. If you are a working mom, childcare may be the issue. If you are a stay at home mother, the reason may be the same. Who will watch the kids while I take the time to exercise?

Don’t worry. There are some physical activities that can be done with the kids along no matter what their age. Younger kids don’t have to pose a problem for moms who want to lose baby weight but didn’t have the means to join a gym.

Invest in a jog stroller. These strollers are designed for physical activity with young children. Moms can walk, jog, or run with the stroller with ease. The design accounts for a runner’s stride and the jerking motions. Kids, especially babies, like motion. Sitting, in a stroller, while mom makes her way around the neighborhood is like extra play time to them. Oftentimes the motion will put a baby right to sleep.

If the kids are school age, buy them a good pair of walking shoes and hit the nearest park. Use the time to discuss your child’s day at school or to answer the millions of questions young kids always seem to ask. As a bonus, you are getting a chance to spend time with your child in a healthy way.

For longer distances, try bike riding. Bike riding works better with children who are at least a year and a half to two years old. They have better motor control to sit up in the carrier seat and can tell you if they have a problem. That just leaves finding a helmet to fit their little heads.

Older kids can ride their own bikes along side of you through the neighborhood. Make sure they have the appropriate pads and helmet in case of accident. Bicycle riding works the muscles of the lower body so mom can get rid of those saddlebags as she spends some time with the kids.

Teenagers may not want to bike through the neighborhood with mom. Introduce them to mountain biking. Both of you will see it as a challenge and the teens won’t mind being seen with you. You may not be able to sit down for the first few days, but it’s all good to get your teen to spend time with you.

Walking and bike riding are two activities that can be done with the kids. They provide much needed exercise for busy moms and kids.

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