Dads are not the only ones that want to stay active. Moms do too. More and more women are taking part in sports as a way of staying fit and making friends.

Moms are no longer the housebound women we saw in the fifties. Stay at home or working mothers want to divide their time between family and outside interests. Those interests oftentimes include sports.

Friendly competition is healthy. Community sports teams give adults a chance to explore new and under used talents. Women, specifically moms are coming out of the stands and joining the team.

Guess what? Moms are finding out that they are pretty darn good athletes. Even their children are cheering them on as they cross that finish line or slide into home plate. The new self confidence can fuel new romantic sparks with dad as well.

Moms are also getting involved in sports where they are a team of one. Some of these activities include rock climbing, mountain biking, and swimming. The one-on-one competition is good for mom and the kids. They learn that giving up is not an option and to keep going until they reach success.

Sports can range from the tame to the rigorous. Moms are taking up basketball, volleyball, bowling, and softball. Intramural sporting events create bonds between women that last beyond the game.

What are some benefits of Sports?

Friendship. Moms form friendships with other moms. This is therapeutic especially for the single mothers. These friendships represent a greater network of support for themselves and their children.

Confidence. Moms are exploring a new side to their lives. Increased confidence in the sporting arena leads to increased confidence in other areas of their lives. This includes on the job and within the home.

A Positive Example. Getting older doesn’t have to mean that life is over or going down hill. Kids will be able to see that motherhood doesn’t have to stop them from accomplishing goals. Having children is an honor not a hurdle to be overcome.

Challenge. Moms test their own fortitude when they get involved in sports. The main competition is against one’s self. We strive to better ourselves with each new task we take on. Sport creates success in life and health.

Stress Reduction. Participating in sports reduces stress. Through healthy competition, moms can work off their frustrations from the day. By the end of the game, match, or run, mom feels better and better able to handle what comes next.

Women in sports view taking care of themselves as a priority in life. Without a strong mind and body, they are no good to their families. Their kids will draw strength from the strength they gain through sports. Good going, moms.

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