The holidays are known to be a time when many people indulge in their favorite treats. Unfortunately, most of these treats tip the scales when it comes to calories and fat. If you would like to have a few healthy treats on hand at your next holiday party, try some of the following ideas:

A vegetable tray is great for snacking. Unfortunately, many people add a fattening dip on the side. Opt for something low-cal instead, such as salsa, flavored mustard, or make your own low-fat dip by using low-fat yogurt as the base, instead of sour cream.

Air popped popcorn is a great alternative to fattening chips, but it can be a bit… bland. Add some holiday spirit to your air popped popcorn by mixing in some dried cranberries.

A fruit and cheese plate can be tasty and healthy – if kept in moderation. The fat and calories in cheese can add up fast, so be cautious not to over indulge.

4. Nuts are another healthy snack when eaten in moderation. They contain healthy fats which are good for your brain. Just make sure to watch how much you eat to avoid too much fat or calories.

Angel food cake is a delicious treat and it is fat-free. Add some low-cal whip cream and fruit and you have a great alternative to a traditional holiday fruit cake.

6. If you enjoy baking, you can create your own healthier versions of your favorite treats by using applesauce instead of butter and whole wheat flour instead of white flour.

With a little planning ahead, you can enjoy some festive holiday snacks that won’t add on any extra pounds.

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