Most people who join a weight loss program do so with a lot of initial enthusiasm, they think that it is as easy as a pie to lose weight, and that they can lose weight within a matter of weeks. When however, these people are faced with new challenges and barriers, they give up too easily, thinking that weight loss is totally impossible. Nothing in this world is impossible if you believe in yourself. In this post, I will tell you about the main reasons why people quit one weight loss program after another, as well as how to get out of this rut!

There are actually three groups of obese people. One group joins the strictest weight loss program in the world, thinking that the stricter the program, the faster they would be able to lose weight. They follow every rule as laid down in the rulebook, make the diet and exercise routines too severe for their bodies, and then quit it all, thinking that they were nuts to believe in the possibility of weight loss.

Then there are people who blame it all on themselves. This leads to nothing but a lower self-esteem, which does more harm than good. Then there is a third group of people who believe that starving is the way to go! The more you starve, or the longer you fast, the quicker you would be able to burn the fat. As a matter of fact, fasting NEVER works. As soon as your stomach growls out of hunger, you will be forced to eat anyway, and more often than not, you will start munching on fatty and processed foods, thereby worsening your situation.

The only way to get out of this rut is to change your attitude. If something is not working for you, quit it and try something else, or think differently. It certainly doesn't mean that your previous plans and choices were bad; it just means that you may need to view things in a different light.

When you start any weight loss program, your body will inevitably need to go through a period of adjustments. Some of these adjustments may seem like huge challenges to you. One of hardest things to bear with is hunger. While you are on a diet, you cannot eat as much and as frequently as you used to do, and as a result, you will inevitably feel hungry at times. Hunger will sabotage all your weight loss efforts; therefore you'll need to find ways to curb this hunger.

The best way I have found to curb hunger is by drinking plenty of water and eating healthy snacks between meals. Another way is to eat six small meals a day instead of three big meals.

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