Yoga and the Busy Mom

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 2/02/2008 08:28:00 PM

Yoga is about toning the body, calming the mind, and reducing stress. It doesn't take much time. Yoga may be the perfect exercise for busy moms.

Yoga is flexible (pun intended). All you need is comfortable clothing and a mat. Since the equipment is minimal, the routine can be performed at home, on vacation, or in a hotel room on a business trip. The main piece of equipment is your body and that goes with you everywhere.

Yoga has several health benefits for mom. The poses work to increase flexibility in the muscles. Muscles that are more flexible resist injury. They also strengthen the body by engaging the core muscles in each movement. Muscle tone is increased through the practice of these poses which sculpts a longer leaner body.

postures concentrate on proper alignment of the body. The pressure on the vertebra of the neck and back is reduced. Abdominal muscles are drawn in when the body is standing tall. Correct posture increases lung capacity and allows for deeper breathing.

A major part of yoga is breathing. These breathing techniques are called pranayama. Attention is paid to the movement of air into and out of the body. More air into the lungs means more oxygen throughout the body. Increased oxygenation to the brain aids in focus and mental acuity.

Yoga techniques reduce heart rate and blood pressure. Moms know how quickly the blood pressure can rise in a tense situation. Deeper breathing promotes mental calmness and stress reduction. Yoga helps moms deal with stress without overtaxing their bodies.

We often forget that what we think can manifest itself in our bodies and not always for our good. A hectic schedule can make you wish your body could go to the tropic place that your mind is imagining. Yoga emphasizes the mind-body connection. Over time, the poses become easier and the body relaxes in response to what you are asking it to do.

If you don't have the time or money for a yoga class, invest in a
DVD. There are several on the market that teach the basics of yoga including the poses and breathing techniques. Some workouts are as short as fifteen minutes or as long as thirty or forty minutes. Choose the one that fits into your schedule best.

Yoga can also be practiced by children. If childcare is an issue, include your kids in the workout. Even kids can benefit from decreased stress, increased flexibility, and muscle toning. You may be surprised at how much calmer they seem.

Yoga is a mind and body tool to keep busy moms on the right track. The techniques promote balance in the body, which translates into a sense of balance in other aspects of a mom's life.

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